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Project Description
This sample can be used as a starting point to make products and services available on mobile devices.

The sample supports the following features:
  • An implementation of the KISS Architecture
  • An implementation of the TouchUI framework
  • All that the above means: same binary run on all devices from WM 5 to WP 6.5, all resolutions, soft scrolling, animations, touch/non-touch, etc
  • Dowloading images on background threads

The sample is covered by a series of (planned) blog posts:
Part 1 was a general introduction
Part 2 architecture tiers, ref kiss, etc
Part 3 started the implementation by creating the entity data model, and publish as data service
Part 4 implemented the business domain (using the data service), and created the service
Part 5 talked about the mobile client architecture, and created a mobile service reference (using WCF)
Part 6 showed how to get images on background threads
Part 7 was the summary of the series

This is some of the screens from this sample app:


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